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The Artsits

As an illustrator, my passion for creating art has been with me since childhood. I spent many hours quietly drawing and developing my skills, and now I'm working hard to turn my passion into my career. My personal interactions and love for music heavily inspire my artwork, which can be described as a mix of line work and comic book styles with a touch of dark humor. My true enjoyment comes from creating pieces that evoke both laughter and a slight feeling of discomfort in the best possible way. It's been an interesting journey discovering my style and figuring out what I want to achieve with my art, but I'm dedicated to pursuing my dreams.



I have received numerous suggestions to relocate to a city that is more centered around art. However, I am confident that the best place for me currently is my hometown of Michigan. My goal is to demonstrate that one can attain success and pursue their passion without accumulating excessive debt or struggling to stand out in an already over saturated art community.



I aspire to build a brand for myself by expressing my story through my art. My ultimate objective behind each of my creations is to evoke a positive sense of discomfort within the viewer. I aim to share my personal journey through my unique perspective and observe who resonates with my work.

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