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The Artsits

I am a very hard-working illustrator trying to make my passions into a career.

I was one of those many kids that were by themselves most of the time quietly drawing in the background. Producing and creating art has always been what I wanted to with my life even at a young age. It has been a long interesting journey finding my style and discovering what exactly I wanted to get out of doing my artwork. My artwork is heavily inspired personal interactions and music.


If I had to describe my style, I’d say it’s more on the line-work/comic book style with some dark humor sprinkled in. I’ve done many dog portraits in my day but I the art I truly enjoy doing are pieces that will make you laugh and feel slightly uncomfortable in the best way.



I've been told several times to move to a more art focused city but I truly believe the best opportunity for myself right now is where I was born and raised, here in Michigan.


I want to prove that you can be successful and do what you love without going into a ton of debt and have to prove yourself to an over saturated art scene.



I want to create a brand for myself and tell my story through art. My goal with all of my art is to make you uncomfortable in the best way.

I want to share my story in my way and see who connects with it. 

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